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a brief intro

 Zalina Montoya-Baca

Upon graduating Green Mountain High School, I decided to explore before going to school. After a few years of traveling, as cliche as its sounds, I "found myself" while traveling in Central America. I realized that my personal success was going to be gained by doing what I love and and following my passions. This is when I dove into bodywork in Boulder. I received an education at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, and became a certified massage therapist.

Although I graduated the certificate program, I needed more so I decided to further my education with a degree in Occupational Studies. This granted me the opportunity to advance into Quantum Cranial, Clinical Massage, Lymphatic Draining, Visceral Manipulation, and Spa Therapy.

After a few years in the spa industry, I gained experience working with aromatherapy, herbs, skin care, wraps, scrubs, and relaxation therapies, although my passion lies in deep clinical work. I have also worked with many age-group athletes, and have been granted the opportunity to work with many professional athletes and their traveling teams.

Coming from an athletic background, I have gained the importance of a well-rounded life from a young age. My roots are planted in ancient medicine, philosophy and therapy. I am invested in the health of my patients by implementing a variety of treatments into one session. By integrating modern healthcare with ancient treatments, I practice both Eastern and Western modalities, but I specialize in the few listed on my "Massage" page. 

A list of the services I am certified to practice can be seen on the "Modalities" page. Each session can be combined to custom fit what's best for each patient.  Designing every session individually, as to what is best for their long-term health is my first priority. I believe that with self-awareness and self-care, along with a healthy support system, wellness can be achieved on all levels----physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.